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We are a rapidly expanding global team of qualified standards auditors covering Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety, Information Security, Key Holding, Lone Working Devices and Business Continuity standards.

Make sure your company keeps its competitive edge…
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IQS is upgrading the security feature's on our certificates. New certificates will be similar to existing models but will have advanced security features, but should still be checked at the IQS Certificate register.

If no information is found regarding your certificate, please notify us.


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IQS does not issue certificates in Iran, please visit our online certification register to check the authenticity of certificates issued.

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Accredited Certification and Audits

ISO certification offers your company multiple benefits, including:

  • Access and confidence to global markets
  • Improved financial performance
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Greater staff satisfaction and motivation
  • Greatly reduced risk
  • Increased credibility and customer confidence

Implementing International Standards ensures that your business benefits from having clear, intelligently structured management systems in place. Our team operate globally, co-ordinating and implementing International Standards to ensure that your business achieves the success you truly deserve.

We offer a wide range of certification services to meet all your business requirements. Please contact us today for honest, no obligation advice.