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Terms & Conditions


The service provided by IQS Audits hereinafter referred to as IQS Audits to the Client is for the registration and publication of selected Client's details in a register of assessed organisations for a year or any part thereof or other period defined in writing and for the issue of a registration document stating that this is achieved. Registration and assessment shall be in a manner chosen by IQS Audits and may change at any time at the discretion of IQS Audits. Other services may be provided as defined in writing between the Client and IQS Audits.


Clients may apply the IQS Audits logo and registration documents only in respect of their areas assessed and registered, and to bring to the attention of customers, when reasonable and appropriate, any areas of business for which it has not been assessed. Unless stated to the contrary IQS Audits registration documents signify that in the opinion of IQS Audits and its servants the Client who is the subject of the registration document has demonstrated an acknowledgement of the benefits and desirability of being registered with regard to the scope of activities and standards specified on the registration document. In issuing the document IQS Audits are confirming registration of the Client in the IQS Audits register of assessed organisations. Clients are advised that full compliance with any standard referenced in the scope of registration documents is not certificated as certain factors such as the sample nature of assessments and the compliance by the client with their own processes at times when IQS Audits are not present and other matters is beyond the control of IQS Audits. Clients are advised that the opinion of any other organisation or individual with regard to compliance with any standard that may be quoted in the scope of registration documents may be different to that of IQS Audits and its servants but nonetheless compliance is not the subject of the registration document. Use of accreditation logos in respect of IQS Audits e.g. 'Crown and Tick' is not authorised as is listing in any other register such as the dti register of quality assured firms and is outside the scope of IQS Audits jurisdiction.


IQS Audits require their registered Clients to advise of significant changes in the scope of their activities, size of business or material change in the structure or operation of their assessed quality system or subject of assessment. IQS Audits may make an additional charge if it becomes necessary to change the scope of assessment. This may be for additional surveillance / assessment visits, reissue of registration document or both.


IQS Audits require their registered Clients to advise changes to the Client legal status with regard to private ownership whether by proprietorship, partnership or co-operative, limited or public limited status. Where a Client acquires a change of ownership, then, subject to the continued operation of the quality management system the registration may continue for the remainder of the registration period on payment in full of the registration fees for the period of registration. Such changes may require the conduct of additional surveillance and assessment activity for which appropriate fees will be incurred by the registered Client.


Any notice under these Terms and Conditions or requirement of the quality management system of IQS Audits or the contracts between IQS Audits and its registered Clients shall be in writing and signed by or on behalf of the party giving it and may be served by leaving it or sending it by prepaid recorded delivery or registered post. Any notice served by post shall be deemed to have been served seventy two hours from the time of posting. In proving such service it shall be sufficient to prove that the notice was properly addressed and posting recorded within the IQS Audits' Post-out Book.


IQS Audits will withdraw the registration document and the use of its logo from any Client who fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

The Client upon notification of the termination of registration shall immediately discontinue use of the IQS Audits and accreditation logos and all advertising matter which contains them or any reference thereto. In addition, any other documents in the possession of the Client which make reference to IQS Audits shall, if the Directors of IQS Audits so desire it be so treated as to erase it.

Termination of service by clients shall incur fees in respect of other work done by IQS Audits which unless specified elsewhere in contractual documents shall be IQS Auditsed upon a fee rate of two pounds and fifty pence sterling per minute and two hundred and ten minutes per day which may be accrued in any manner and time frame. Termination of The Service incurs no penalty.


Postponement of services by clients shall incur fees in respect of work done by IQS Audits which unless specified elsewhere in contractual documents shall be based on a fee rate of £400 sterling per day which may be accrued in any manner and time frame. As a minimum, postponement of visits by the client within 48 hours of a date advised in writing shall at the discretion of IQS Audits incur a fee of £225-00 plus vat.


Clients are advised to take expert advice when engaging audit and assessment services. The authority vested in IQS Audits is that assigned to them by the Client in respect of The Service or other services contracted and no claim as to statutory, legislative, authority, prominence or right given by any other party unless specified by IQS Audits is claimed.


IQS Audits, require their registered Clients to demonstrate continued awareness of their assessed management system by regular returns of such evidence as deemed necessary by IQS Audits from time to time. Failure to show satisfactory awareness may lead to surveillance / assessment visits which will be charged at the current published rate. A registered Client is the term given to, or the definition of, an organisation or individual that is assessed and registered by IQS Audits but at other times may be referred to as a 'supplier'.

IQS Audits require their registered Clients to provide facilities and access at short notice for the purpose of random process audits by IQS Audits of their own assessment and surveillance activities and also for the investigation and evaluation of third party comments and complaints arising from or associated with the conduct of the registered client's activities. Inability to provide access within two working days of the request for a Short Notice Visit renders the organisation liable for de-registration.


These conditions and the assessment and certification activities of IQS Audits are subject to the laws of the United Kingdom of England and Wales. IQS Audits shall not be liable retrospectively for consequences, costs or damages arising from changes or introduction of such laws or Government Instruments which may subsequently invalidate or devalue IQS Audits services.


IQS Audits require their clients to pay fees in advance or by an approved alternative method. The cost of pursuing late payment shall be borne by clients, unless rates are defined elsewhere, a fee rate £400-00 per day plus the fees of other related agencies such as courts and specialist services which may be accrued in any manner and time frame.


Clients are advised that IQS Audits shall disclose any interest upon request that may impact upon the independence of assessment, auditing and registration activities. Where such interest or influence is deemed relevant then IQS Audits shall, at its own discretion, withdraw from offering its services to the Client.

Where the Client knows of any relationship or interest with IQS Audits or its sub-contracted servants or employees then it shall notify IQS Audits of the details where then IQS Audits shall, at its own discretion, IQS Audits shall withdraw from offering its services to the Client.